Tuesday, May 27, 2014


          To me culture is what makes one country stand out from another. It is what makes the place unique; the food, the streets, the traditions. It is what make people look around and say, "Yes, I am in Spain!"
          I am really excited for this new experience and for the opportunity to learn in a completely new setting. I am also however really nervous. I have been out of the country before without my family however, not for this length of time. I am trying to not have any expectations for how it is going to be because I honestly do not know. I know it is going to be different but, I think that might be what I am most excited and nervous about.
          I think Spanish culture is going to be much different from American culture. The one thing, at least, Spanish and American people share is pride for their country. They world cup is going on and being able to see the pride that Spanish people have for their team is really going to be exciting.
         I have to expect that the food is going to be an adjustment. I am really hoping my host will allow me to assist in the kitchen and she can teach me a thing or two. I am a picky eater but I am will to try anything al least once.
        The one thing i am not so excited for is the language barrier. I know I have the ability to hold a minor conversation with someone but I am a little nervous that I may say something wrong and it turn  out badly. I will try my best but hopefully it will become easier as the weeks go by.