Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Global Citizen

            When coming home I thought I was going to experience some sort of shock or something like that but really everything just felt normal. I loved every second I was in Spain and once I was home it felt like I had been away from home for like a day. I took me a few days to adjust to the time difference but other than that coming home was not a difficult transition.
            I think being a global citizen is being someone who can see the world as different as it is. I love traveling and I love doing things that I never would have thought I was going to be able to do and seeing things that I have read about. I do not necessarily believe that a global citizen needs to have traveled all over the world and has seen everything, just someone who knows that there are other places in the world where they believe in something different and do things in a different way.
            I definitely think that I have learned a little more about the way other people live. I have been abroad before but never where I lived with someone from that country. I really think that the homestay allowed all of us to see the subtle differences and big differences between our home and theirs. Without the home-stay I definitely don’t think we would have all appreciated the country and its culture as much. I grew to really love my family and I really do miss them a lot. They were all so nice to us and made sure we had everything we needed all of the time. Their home was our home.

            I do miss Spain a lot but coming back to my reality was needed. Now I have to pictures, the memories and the friends to look back on and reminisce about all of the great times we had together.