Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Culture Shock

So far everything has been going really well. I really enjoyed Madrid and Toledo. Granada has also been really great so far. I definitely think the food has been the hardest thing to adjust to. I like most of it but we always eat so late and dinner is not very filling a lot of the time. I guess I am just used to eating a lot all of the time. One of the hardest parts is communicating. I always feel bad when someone is speaking to me and I have no idea what they are saying. For the most part I can figure it out but coming up with a response is hard. 
So far I haven’t really felt that homesick. I guess I am just trying to have a good time and not worry about anything else. We are here to take class but we are also here to immerse ourselves into the culture and lifestyle. For now I am happy where I am and I know this experience is going to fly by so I want to make the most of it all.  
I have definitely had to catch myself a few times where I am speaking much louder than I should have been. Here they speak much softer. They also never look like they are in a hurry. So having to slow things down is much different than what I am used to. 

I have definitely noticed myself being a lot more tired then usual. I think it has a lot to do with having to think about what I am going to say really hard before I say it. Meals are exhausting because we are constantly struggling to find the right words. Living this different lifestyle is definitely an adjustment but I think I am figuring it out.   

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