Friday, June 20, 2014


             Throughout our stay here in Spain I have really noticed the clothing that people are wearing. Around the house my host mother always dresses very comfortably however when she leaves the house she always gets dressed up. Sometimes I feel like they have a different standard here when it comes to clothing. Whenever I don’t dress up I feel like I stick out and everyone knows I am an American.
            Something I found interesting and kind of funny is how punctuality is not really a thing here. Being late is okay. In America that is definitely not the case. Here they consider being a few minutes late normal, even for school. In the United States if you are even a minute late for class you could get in trouble.
            I also find it interesting how much the people here value leisure time. Almost everything closes at around 3pm for a few hours so that the workers can have a break and take a siesta. They also all get the entire month of August off for vacation. In America you are lucky if hey give you more than an hour for lunch and 2 weeks of vacation time.
            Another value I have noticed is with their food. I think they take food very seriously. I all the food I have had have been so good. All of the fruit is always so fresh and clean and it always tastes amazing. I also think that the only reason they drink is to compliment their food. Not the other way around.  
            The people here also just value their culture in general. Being here for Corpus Christi has really showed me how much the people of Granada just love where they live. The streets were lined with people and the fair was packed every night. It was really amazing to see and be a part of.  

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