Thursday, June 12, 2014


I learned a few interesting facts about the education of university students in Spain compared the United States from my language partner. I found it most interesting that they all, for the most part, still live with their parents. I cannot even imagine still living at home all year.
            I also learned that their education system is pretty different compared to what we do. For starters, it is okay to be late to class. Often the professor does not arrive until 10 to 20 minutes after the original start of classes. In America we get in trouble if we are more than a second late in some classes.
            Another difference we found was for the most part in Spain your grade consists of just the final and if you do not do well on it you might get another chance to do it again. Grading is set on a 1 to 10 scale and if you get at least a 5 you pass.
            They also mentioned that it is not very common to take any classes outside of your major. And if they do it is optional for the most part. My language partner told me her major was English so she takes 3 classes for just English and then another for fun. They are currently in exams, which are done over the course of a month instead of a week in America. That is definitely something I would like. I hate that we have to do all of our exams one after another and no time to prepare.

            I did enjoy hearing about a new perspective of how school could be done however I do like the liberal arts idea and being able to take more classes outside my major. I also would not want my entire grade to be based on one test.  

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